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Welcome to the class page for Year 1. 

We're hoping to create a gallery of all the lovely things you're doing while school is closed. 

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Stay safe and happy!

Black Lives Matter


No doubt, you have seen images or heard about current events in America where people have been protesting and rioting due to the killing of a black man named George Floyd. Today we have uploaded a video of a story called “Something Happened in our Town” to help our children understand the Black Lives Matter movement.  We would like you to watch and share this resource with the people you live with to enable discussions around these issues and events.  When the video has finished the following, activities are suggested:

  • Make a poster
  • Write a song or a poem
  • Write a letter to an influential person
  • Design an equality blanket


We would love to see what you do.  Please share on Twitter or email us at


Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an international group that began in 2013 with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. They are against violence and racism towards black people. They became known for their street demonstrations.


What are Year1 getting up to during the temporary school closure?

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Super rainbow.
Great rainbows boys.
Lovely work.
Great den guys.
Looks like you are enjoying the sun!
Ooo looks like some lovely cakes.
Wow! AR at home.
Great maths work.
Crafternoon 'drippy' art - very creative!
Super number bonds work.
Happy smiley face!
Super smiles in lockdown - lovely pics too!

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