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Welcome to the Year 1 class page at Knottyash  Primary. If you have any concerns or need assistance please contact me through the Seesaw family App.


Class Homework is available on Seesaw from 9am Monday Morning, each week. There will be both an English and Math Homework in addition to the Spellings of the week. These will be tested on Friday mornings. All children also have a Times Table Rockstars/ Numbots account to further their Mathematical thinking. Below are a selection of activities for you to access when your child is not in school.


If you are currently learning at home, you can send photographs and other content  to and I'll add it to this page.


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Mrs O'Hanlon


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Autumn 1: Social Justice and Equity, Curriculum Overview

Songs we use in class



We are concentrating on cutting sentences into words and putting them back together, before writing them out and composing their own.


Year 1 will be learning to add numbers by 'counting on' and re-capping 2D and 3D shape.

Culture and Creativity, Science and Discovery

We will be looking at the Kings and Queens of England from 1066-2020; thinking about gender differences. We will also be building our own castles from cardboard using some techniques we have learnt including slots and tabs. All homework and spellings are available through the Seesaw class app. Have a great half term everyone!



This week year 1 are practising counting to 100 in 1's and 10's. They are also writing numbers and partitioning numbers into tens and ones. For example 2 tens and 5 ones= 25. 


We are continuing to read and act out the story of the Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch and this week we are writing the story; splitting it into the beginning, middle and end.

Topic Work- Social Justice and Equity

We are looking at Paul Klee's work, The Castle and the Sun and using 2D shapes to build a castle picture before building our 3D castles next week.


Year 1 are practising counting up to 100. We have also been learning to count in 2's and have begun learning to count in 10's; please see Seesaw activities/ homework. The children have been thinking about the Paper Bag Princess this week and how her feelings changed towards Prince Ronald. At the end of the week we will be writing a letter to Prince Ronald to say we won't be marrying him anymore. We will also be going over some of our sounds; namely g, o, c, k, ck. We will be writing them with correct letter formation and practising blending them together to read and segmenting them to write. We are also learning about castle language, construction and how they've changed over time.