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Mental Health

At Knottyash we...


  • Take Mental Health seriously! We want all of our children to feel safe, secure and able to talk about their needs, wants and feelings. 
  • Have a Whole School Approach to Mental Health because, Mental Health is everyone's business! All children and adults have Mental Health. It is only when we talk with others about our feelings that we can learn that it is 'normal' not to feel great all of the time. 
  • Start conversations using the ROAR rainbow as a visual aid to how they are feeling.
  • We use Zones of Regulation to help us to describe how we are feeling to others. Being better understood and feeling listened to is the best thing for our Mental Health and our relationships.
  • We have a dedicated Mental Health display in each classroom where children and adults can access the rainbow and other visual tools from the Zones of Regulation program. All children will follow the program at their level in order to learn to communicate their feelings, emotions and build resilience.
  • Encourage a love of the Great Outdoors and physical activity.
  • Have a Forest School session once a fortnight with Mrs O'Hanlon.

Mental Health Advice and Documents

Whole School Approach, ROAR

Zones of Regulation