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Introduction to Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Welcome to our Foundation Stage Unit

The unit has separate entrances for Foundation 1 ( Nursery) and Foundation 2 (Reception). During the day the children will be working alongside each other in a large purposefully arranged environment in which each area of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is  supported with Continuous Provision resources. This is equipment that is available all of the time so that children know what is available for them to play with. These areas are then enhanced by the unit teachers with adult direction or equipment in order to target learning. Foundation 1 children will first concentrate on the prime areas before moving onto the specific areas of learning. During Foundation 2 the specific areas will be the main focus, whilst maintaining  prior learning in the prime areas.


Home Visits

All children will have a home visit before they start Nursery. This is usually during the first week in September but they may be done later  in the year depending upon when your child turns three. This visit gives you an opportunity to speak to your child’s key person about any concerns you may have. It also establishes our staff as a person of trust. This will help your child to feel safe within the unit as those looking after them have been to their house. Children will then start by attending a full morning or afternoon session. If your child is staying for the full day this may be done over a few days to ease their transition on consultation with yourself.



Nursery Session Times

Morning Session– 8:30 — 11:30a.m.

Lunch– 11:30a.m. — 12:30p.m.

Afternoon Session-  12:30p.m.— 3:30p.m.

Children attending Nursery all day, under the 30-hour offer, may stay for lunch 11:30-12:30.  Parents will need to send in a healthy packed lunch. There will be an additional charge of £2.40 for this service, to cover the cost of supervision. All fees should be paid in advance. Additional mornings or afternoons are available at a charge, subject to availability, please see the school office.


Reception Session Times

The door opens at 8:45am and closes at 9am. School ends at 3:15pm

Children attending Reception are entitled to universal free school meals.  They are accompanied into the main school hall to eat their lunch.  Playtime then takes place on the EYFS playground.




Foundation Stage Unit Uniform


All children in the Foundation Stage Unit wear the same uniform, consisting of a red polo shirt and sweatshirt with a school logo on that can be purchased from local outfitters, black joggers are also to be worn. In summer black shorts or leggings may be worn. NO  summer dresses skirts or pinafores please; they are not practical for outdoor activities.

Please note; Nursery and Reception have different logos on their polo shirts and jumpers.


Footwear should be black, flat, sturdy and comfortable, trainers may be worn; but should be VELCRO fastening. The children will be spending a lot of time outside and so we ask for a pair of wellington boots, a waterproof coat and trousers or suit are provided for inclement weather and during Forest School sessions. It is essential that all items of clothing and property are clearly labelled.


If your child has toileting accidents you may wish to leave a spare set of clothes in a clearly labelled pump bag so that they can get changed to ensure they are comfortable. If your child is not yet toilet trained they may attend the unit wearing a pull up nappy. They will be encouraged to use the toilet and will only be changed if they soil themselves with faeces as the pull up should keep them comfortable for a session if they wet. However if they are attending all day their pull up will be changed. This is intended to aid a smooth transition and should not happen for and extended period.


Foundation Unit Readiness

Please encourage your child to dress, go to the toilet; wash and dry their hands independently. If you do everything for your child then they will always need you to do it for them. But if you spend time teaching them how to do something then they can do it for a lifetime. We will encourage your child to do things for themselves. We have a CAN DO ! attitude here at Knotty Ash.