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Knotty Ash '50 Summers of Love' Art Exhibition

Arts Council setting the challenge
Reception artists
Y6 loved helping Y2
Working together
The completed collaborative artwork!
Showing parents
Here's mine!
This one's mine!
I did this!
To link with both The Beatles and Liverpool’s ’50 Summers of Love’ festival, our Arts and School Councils came up with a brilliant idea for a Summer Art Exhibition and Competition. We would create one giant ‘Rainbow’ submarine picture (in the style of The Yellow Submarine by The Beatles) using lots of smaller submarine pictures. Every class would be given a different colour of the rainbow (Y1 – purple,  Y2 – blue, Y3 – blue, Y4 – green, EYFS – yellow, Y5 – orange,  Y6 – red). Each pupil would then create their own submarine using tints and shades of their colour using any technique such as drawing, painting, collage or printing. Our Arts Council delivered this lesson to each class and helped the children with their creations.

'Episodes' Art Exhibition

Hall 'Portal' designs
I did this!
Welcoms by our Arts Council
Y1 'Treasures'
Y2 'Submersed'
Y3 STRING QUARTET: Summer, Autumn, Winter
Y4 'Box'
Y5 'Sign'
Y6 'Big'
Y4 'interior space'
Y6 'Big'

Our Arts Council organised a Knotty Ash ‘Episodes’ Art Exhibition following their visit to the Liverpool Biennial at the Cains Brewery building.

‘Children imagine the space between fiction and reality differently from adults, sometimes making no distinction between the two. They experiment with forms of social organisation constructed by adults, inventing new rules, and simultaneously creating new futures. For the Children’s Episode, artists have been invited to consider children as the primary audience: sometimes making work with them, sometimes for them.’ Liverpool Biennial