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Liverpool Counts Quality Mark - GOLD Award!

In April 2019, we were awarded GOLD in the LCQM Award. We strive to find innovative ways of making maths fun in school and beyond.

“Good numeracy is the best protection against unemployment, low wages and poor health”.  
Andreas Schleicher – Education Director OECD


The aims of the project are: 

  • to raise the profile of Numeracy / Mathematics
  • to create a positive and can-do mentality towards Maths.
  • to change the culture of thinking around Mathematics.
  • to make real life connections. #MathsIsEverywhere 
  • to show the link Mathematics plays across all subjects
  • to share and celebrate the enjoyment of Numeracy / Mathematics.



“We firmly believe that if we tackle the ‘can’t do maths’ culture in our schools and communities with a challenging, consistent and persistent approach, we will improve the educational and employment outcomes for the young people of Liverpool “.
Judith Lang and Dave Carden - Liverpool Counts


What you can do to help:

  • Be aware of what you say about Maths, especially around children.
  • Challenge ANYONE that you hear making negative comments about Maths,
  • Any time you hear celebrities in the media saying that they ‘can’t do Maths’, or making negative comments about maths, discuss it with your children.
  • Share your own enjoyment of Maths and highlight when you have used it in everyday life.
  • Dispel the myth that there is a Maths gene and that only a few people can be good at Maths


Alice in Numberland Day

All in the correct order!
Animal counting
Cheshire Cat symmetry
Enjoying relective symmetry puzzles
Estimation station
I love numbers!
'March Hare Morning Munchies!'
Number fun!
Numberland t-shirt front...
...and Numberland t-shirt back!
Ordering numbers on the Chinese dragon
Ordinal numbers for Chinese New Year
Playing card Carroll diagram
Reading about numbers together
Reception counting to 10
Sorting with Carroll diagrams
Telling the time with the White Rabbit
Using a mirror for reflective symmetry
Y3 'Dressing up for digits!'
Y5 'Dressing up for digits!'