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Inclusion Quality Mark - FLAGSHIP STATUS!

Flagship INCLUSION QUALITY MARK status was reviewed by IQM assessor, Sarah Linari, on 26th April 2024.

'A day spent in Knotty Ash Primary School never fails to impress.  Words do not do justice to how inclusive the school is.  Recognition as a Flagship for inclusive practice is genuinely deserved here.  Knotty Ash has its own societal microcosm, unlike anywhere else.  There are many lessons to be learned from the pupils and staff at Knotty Ash on how to live together in harmony, accepting others and embracing differences.'

The full report can be accessed below.  The focus for this visit was inclusivity through Curriculum, Reading, Pupil leaders, Admin staff, and Academisation. 

Flagship_third annual review report



In May 2023, IQM assessor, Sarah Linari, visited Knotty Ash to conduct an annual review of the Flagship award.  

"Knotty Ash Primary School embodies inclusivity. The ethos and culture are unlike any other school. For the staff who work there, and pupils who attend this exceptional school, the ‘magic’ becomes the norm. For external visitors, each time you visit you are wowed by the inclusion in action, which is truly special and unique." 

The full report reflects the commitment to inclusion from all members of the Knotty Ash family.  It's a source of enormous pride for all of us.

Flagship_ second annual review report




In December 2020, we were awarded FLAGSHIP STATUS by the Inclusion Quality Mark:

"In terms of inclusion Knotty Ash Primary School is an outstanding school in every sense where the commitment to superb care, nurture and support are the foundation stones of its inclusive approach and are ingrained into the very fabric of the building, its staff and its students.

Discussions with all stakeholders during the review demonstrated their professionalism, enthusiasm, inclusivity and passion for educating students, supporting them, their families and the local community.  What came across clearly is that Knotty Ash is a real life 'Family', that is at the heart of its community and was described as such by staff, parents, governors and the pupils I spoke to."



We were first awarded IQM Centre of Excellence in December 2017. Inclusion at Knotty Ash is re-assessed annually to ensure that we still live up to the standards of CoE status.

Knotty Ash has been accredited as a CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR INCLUSION.  We were assessed for the national award of Inclusion Quality Mark on December 12th 2017.  The full report can be read by following the link below.  Some highlights for us at school are:


Throughout the day, without exception, everyone I met displayed the same warmth and helped to make my visit such a special and enriching experience.  It is fair to say that Knotty Ash Primary has inclusivity running through their school, it is their 'golden thread'.


The children exude happiness and described their school experience here as 'amazing'.


Indeed, everyone at Knotty Ash shares the same vision: inclusion is not something you do but something you breathe, and here at Knotty Ash you live and breathe it throughout your visit.


This document clearly demonstrates the outstanding practice in place within the school and the on-going commitment to inclusion.



Inclusion Quality Mark assessment report Dec 2017