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The Governing Body

What do they do?


The main jobs of the governing Body include:


  • Help to establish the aims and policies of the school

  • Make sure that the National Curriculum and religious education are provided

  • Appoint, develop and support staff

  • Act as a link between the local community and the school

  • Help support the Headteacher set the school budget, act as a critical friend to the Headteacher and make decisions about the strategic direction of the school.



    The current membership of the Governing Body is as follows:


NameClass of GovernorTerm of OfficePositionsDeclaration of InterestsStatusAppointed byAdditional Goverance roles
Roanne Clements-BedsonHead Teacher01/02/2016 employed at schoolActive member Childwall SSA
David Rushworth - CHAIRCo-opted26/09/17 - 25/09/21ChairNilActive memberGoverning BoardBirkenhead School
Jenny ReesCo-opted10/10/19 - 09/10/23

Pupil Premium &

Health & Safety

employed at school and trustee of PTFAActive member Governing Board 
Val GavinCo-opted1/6/19-31/5/23EYFS linkNILActive memberGoverning Board 
Revd Julia Jesson- Vice ChairCo-opted26/09/17 - 25/09/25Safeguarding linkNILActive memberGoverning Board 
Roger PhillipsCo-opted02/12/21 - 01/12/25Curriculum linkNILActive memberGoverning Board 
Liz MacGarveyLA03/02/22 - 02/02/26English linkFreelance consultancyActive memberGoverning Board 
Leanne ShortCo-opted03/02/22 - 02/02/26SEND linkFreelance consultancyActive memberGoverning Board 
Marnie Blackman- CookParent 01/11/19 - 31/10/23Curriculum linkChild in Yr 4Active member Parents 
Ann Kenwright Parent01/11/19 - 31/10/23DRB linkNILActive member Parents 
Elizabeth GradyParent02/12/21 - 01/12/23Maths linkChild in Yr 1Active memberParents 
Moin PatalaParent02/12/21 - 01/12/23Finance linkChildren in Yr 2 and Yr 5Active memberGoverning BoardLiverpool City College


Kirsty Cartwright

Staff16/3/21 - 15/3/25Staff wellbeing linkNILActive member Staff 
Mark Thornett- Vice ChairLEA06/05/2017Reading & Science & Discoveryfamily member employed at schoolResignedOct -21 
Lyndsey HignettParent01/11/19 - 31/10/21 DRB linkChild in Yr 6 DRBResignedJul-20 
Lorraine Williams Parent01/01/16 - 31/12/20 SafeguardingEmployeed at schoolEnd of Term of office Dec-20 
Steve Bates Parent01/11/17 - 31/10/19 NILEnd of Term of office Oct-19 
Barbara CrawfordCo-opted01/10/15 - April 2018 NILEnd of Term of office Apr-18 
Sr Anne-Marie GammickLA09/03/15 - Dec 2017 NILEnd of Term of office Dec-17 
Joan Bradley Co-opted17/06/15 - 28/11/17 NILEnd of Term of office Dec-17 
Rv Roy DoranCo-opted30/06/15 - 28/06/16 NILEnd of Term of office Jun-16 
Dawn HolmesParent09/10/15 - 28/06/16 NILEnd of Term of office Jun-16