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Alice in Wonderland Arts Week - Feb 2018

Alices and Cheshire Cats
White Rabbit hats in Reception
Constructing hats
Constructing hats
Constructing hats
Constructing hats
Constructing hats
Constructing hats
Year 1 hats
Year 1 hats
Line dancing
Line dancing
Line dancing
Hope students modelling their hats!
Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Shared poetry work
Creativity in Wonderland
Dance workshops

Ocarina Club runs every week for y2

Chinese dance workshops - Feb 2018

All our classes enjoyed Chinese dancing workshops using dragons and parasols.  We'd had such a great time last year, we decided to make this an annual event.  What a great way to prepare for Chinese New Year!

English National Ballet workshops with y1 & y2 - December 2017

Edinburgh culture for y5 and y6 - November 2017

Hadrian's Wall
Hadrian's Wall
Hadrian's Wall
Night Tour of the City
Traditional Scottish dress
Greyfriar's Bobby
Tom Riddle's Gravestone!
National Gallery visit
Camera Obscura
Camera Obscura
Mirror Maze at the World of Illusion
World of Illusion
World of Illusion
World of Illusion
World of Illusion
Big Sonny
Little Sonny
World of Illusion
Edinburgh Castle
Medieval Music at the Castle
Castle Chapel

Harry Potter Night - October 2017

Broomsticks with Bellatrix
Hedwig balloons
Colouring bags
Family fun
Floating candles
Folding fun
Glow broomsticks
Golden snitch
Golden snitch
Green screen
Harry and Ron with Sprout
Have a Marauders' Map
Herbology with Madam Pomfrey
Hermione's Potions
Honeyduke's Sweets
Weasley's Wizard Wheezes
Making Hedwig
Making slime
Moaning Myrtle
Molivander's Wand Shop
Mudbloods beware!
Myrtle's broomsticks
Pin the Broomstick
Planting a Mandrake
Ron and Harry
Snape's Potions
Sorting Hat
Professor Trelawny
Tina's Wand Licenses
Trelawney signing the future


Festival flag
Grace performing
Mrs Cartwright
Our fabulous catering team
Festival boys
Brilliant PTFA
Mr England in wellies!
Teachers are loving the festival vibe!
One of our talented ex-pupils
Thanks to our great compere
Chillin' out staff
Festival girl
Family fun
Festival face painting
Tent zone
Family fun
Festival flag
Festival girl
Happy festival boy
We love to dance!
Mr Hall
Family festival
Flower girl!
C-B family!
Signing choir performance
Ms Hegarty
Ice-cream sprinkles
Pupils and ex-pupils
Gymnastics performance
Dancing King!
Families relaxing
Fabulous festival girl
Happy families!
Our PTFA organised Knottyashtonbury as a treat for all our families.  It provided a live music and performance opportunity for pupils, ex-pupils, families, visitors and even staff!  We had folk, pop, old classics, singing, signing, dancing and gymnastics...and lots of fun!

Juliet's speech on Shakespeare's birthday

Americas Arts Week 2017

Dance workshops
Line dancing
Line dancing
Line dancing - yee hah!
Dream catchers
Andy Warhol
Brass Instruments
Cat in the Hat Fruit Kebabs!
Chocolate-tasting meditation
Green screen
Hip hop dancing
Jackson Pollack style
La Cucaracha percussion
Massage to Native American sounds
Peer massage.
Air guitars!
REAL guitars!
Totem poles
'Wheelie' fun!
Donald Trump!

Nick Sharratt visit to school

Nick describes his studio

Star Wars Arts Week 2016

Paddington Bear Arts Week 2015

'Born to be Wild!' dance from Paddington movie!
KS2 - make Paddington's tree house
KS2 - making Peruvian God's Eyes
KS2 - making Peruvian pan pipes!
KS2 - sewing Paddington's duffle coat!
Peruvian worry people
Y2 paddington paintings
Y4 Paddington collages
Y4's giant Paddington collage
How to draw Paddington
KS2 DRB - sewing teddy bears
Teddy bears' picnic!
Y1 making marmalade sandwiches!

Alder Hey Arts Week 2014

Drama with Jess Ellison
Nursery's elephants
Nursing - past, present and future!
Ollie's visit
Singing elephant songs
Story Telling with Hillary Keating
Being filmed by Twin Vision
Drama with Jess
Folded nurses' hats
Friendship bracelets
Ollie collage
Our 'bricks' to rebuild Alder Hey
Ribbon dancing
Singing and dancing
Sketching with artist, Brian
To celebrate the Centenary of Alder Hey Hospital whilst raising money for their Children’s Charity

School Environment

Magical Spell Room Reading Area