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Liverpool Biennial - workshops with Ryan Gander - Jan '18

Day 1 discussions
Day 1 discussions
Day 1 dots and lines
Day 1 dots and lines
Day 1 masterpiece
Day 1 studio
Day 1 the end of a great first day!
Day 1 with Lauren
Day 1 working with Ryan
Day 1 working with Ryan
Day 2 art
Day 2 haiku poetry
Day 3 a celebration assembly
Day 3 about to deconstruct  Metropolitan cathedral
Day 3 bench construction
Day 3 bench construction
Day 3 comfortable bench!
Day 3 testing our benches
Day 3
Day 3

Liverpool Biennial Workshops - Jan 2018

Biennial Polly leading the session
Deconstructing geometric forms
Creating constructivist artworks
Fabulous forms
y1 explaining their work
y1 I see you!
y1 listening carefully
y1 thinking creatively
y1 watching and listening
y2 'noughts and crosses'
y2 'noughts and crosses'
y3 constucting new forms
y5 building with new shapes
y5 building with new shapes
y5 demonstrating their work
y5 demonstrating their work
y5 with Polly and Lauren from Liverpool Biennial
y3 constructing new forms
y4 building with new shapes
y4 demonstrating their work
y4 'noughts and crosses'
y4 'noughts and crosses'
y5 beginning to deconstruct 3D shapes
y5 explaining their work

Alder Hey Centenary

Outdoor demo from artist Brian D. Hanlon
Full size drawing
Creating characters
Completed character wall
Adding colour
Our mural outside Alder Hey

In 2014, to celebrate Alder Hey’s centenary, the Arts for Health programme developed a partnership programme with children from three Liverpool schools, the Comedy Trust and Hilary Keating from Wild About Words. Measuring two metres high and three and a half metres long, the murals were presented to the hospital at a special ceremony in October 2014 where they will feature as colourful hoardings outside the new hospital site. When Alder Hey in the Park is complete, they will feature inside the building.

Tate Liverpool "All About Us" Project

All About Us was a joint project between Tate Liverpool and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital that engaged children, young people, teachers and hospital staff in exploring archival materials from Tate and Liverpool Medical Institution archives. The Project ran for eight months, during which time Harriet Hall (Lead Artist) and Michaela Swan (Trainee Project Manager), worked with local schools and communities to create online learning resource. Hospital staff, teachers, children and young people, took the theme of Transition and related it to the heritage of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, artistic practice, and everyday life. Pupils from Knotty Ash documented their Alder Hey Archive item in an interesting way, using filters to hide or highlight information. The pupils paired their item to an image from the Tate’s online archive, finding similarities in pattern, shape, colour or subject matter.