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Letter advising of a positive Covid case in y6 _29/10/2020

Year 6 2020/2021


Hello to our Year 6 class and their families!


If you are currently learning from home, this is where we will add our links and activities each week. They will mirror the work we cover in school but please don’t panic! You don’t have to do everything, just enjoy doing what you can together.


Your English homework, Maths homework and spellings will still be posted on Seesaw every Monday afternoon. Below are links for times tables and reading at home:


It would be lovely if you could share your work with us through Seesaw or email at


Take care,

Mr Hall, Ms Waterson, Ms Curd and Ms Eden  :) 


Maths and English for Week Beginning 2nd November


This week, we are working from home and will be doing a bit of revision on some key skills. As well as this, keep using Times-Tables Rock Stars, Oxford Owls and Read Theory!


For Maths this week, we will be refocusing on using column addition, subtraction, multiplication and, also, bus stop division. If you need help with these just watch the links below.


For English, it is all about practising our writing.  You may not have wrote for at least a week and it is really important to keep practising this as practise makes perfect.  It is also important that we keep practising our grammar too so that this feeds into our creative writing.  Attached will be a writing challenge, in addition to some grammar tasks.


Writing Challenge -  I would like you to write a diary extract/recount telling me about your week off. I would like it to be at least 3 paragraphs long and I would like you to focus on using description (adjectives, adverbs and similes).  In your diary, I would like you to pick three different events/days and describe each one, telling me what happened, who was there and when it was. Explain your thoughts and feelings and how the events were.


Good luck with all of these activities and I hope you are keeping well.  If you can, it would be great if you could upload your work to SeeSaw.

Maths for Week Beginning 19th of October

This week we will be focusing on negative numbers and counting through 0.  Use a number-line ranging from about -20 to 20 to help you count through 0.

Maths Work for Week Beginning 12th October

This week in Mathematics we will be continuing with our rounding.  We will be doing this with a variety of numbers from numbers with decimals to numbers up to ten million.  Towards the end of the week, we will then be exploring negative numbers.  Have a go at the worksheets attached for rounding an negative numbers.

English for Week Beginning 12th October

This week in class we will be exploring the scripts of Macbeth and having a go at acting them out in class.  Have a read through some scenes of this child friendly script and pick one to act out.  Record it and have a watch.  Seeing as you may be by yourself, then pick a soliloquy (when one character is speaking about their thoughts in one long speech) and watch the globe performance on YouTube.  Finally, have a go at acting out the soliloquy by copying the expression and acting used by the performers in the Macbeth Globe performance.


Here's the link to the Globe performance:



The script is below:

Maths Work - Week Beginning 5th October

This week in class we will be exploring ordering numbers and also rounding.  I will upload any worksheets we complete.  Watch these videos to help your understanding:

This video is for ordering:


This video is for rounding:


English Week Beginning 5th October

This week we will be continuing to develop our description.  We will be once again focusing describing characters and settings.  We will be focusing on the characters and scenes from Macbeth so keep that in mind when you practise.  Watch the video below and have a go at describing a setting. Look out a window at home and describe it using the same methods as the man in the video.  Build those sentences into paragraphs.  Once you feel confident then watch the Macbeth videos again and pick one of the settings to describe.


If you feel confident describing settings, then have another go at building up the description based on a character.  Pick anyone you can think of: from someone in a movie to someone from your family. Then gather descriptive sentences based on what they look like, how they act, how they sound and how they smell - use your senses! Once you have done one of your own pick a character from Macbeth and have a go at writing a descriptive paragraph.



In English, this week we are focusing on using prepositions in our writing, adding detail and description. Below are different activities you can do to remind yourself of how to use prepositions in your sentences.


In English, this week we are going to write a character description about Macbeth. Below is a link which gives you ideas to help with how to write a character description. It tells you what you should include in a character description and gives you examples and activities to help prepare you. They use the example of writing a character description of Matilda, it is up to you whether you choose to do yours about Matilda or Macbeth. You might wish to challenge yourself and do both! In the Inclusive Curriculum part of this page there will be a link to the story of Macbeth. You could use this to help you with your description.


There is also a link below about settings and how we identify a setting. After completing your character description, you may wish to do a setting description of the scene where the witches are on the heath. We will be doing this at the end of the week also.


Any worksheets we do in class will be uploaded below to help support your home learning.


In Maths this week, we will be working on adding and subtracting numbers that have a decimal.  We will also be looking at labelling number lines too.  I will be uploading any worksheets that we do this week.


Below are some videos that will help you with the work.

Adding and Subtracting Decimals Song - Fall Out Boy Parody

Learn how to add and subtract decimals with this parody of "My Songs Know What You Did in The Dark" by Fall Out Boy!

Inclusive Curriculum

I have attached a link below to videos of the story of Macbeth to remind yourself and recap the story. This might help you write your character description of Macbeth in English. You could use the titles of the videos as subheading to write a summary of each video clip.


Still image for this video
This is our challenge to you!


Hello Year 5 and 6!


You might have noticed in the news there have been some really important protests happening all over the world. These protests started in America when a black man, called George Floyd, was killed. The people protesting want justice and they want everyone to realise that Black Lives Matter. Although this seems obvious to lots of us, it is a message that still isn’t being heard or understood by many people. At the beginning of this year you learnt about the injustice and discrimination black people have faced throughout history (think about what happened in Benin and other African countries during “the scramble for Africa”; the years of slavery; what happened to Emmet Till and many other innocent Black People; as well as the prejudice laws, opportunities, actions and attitudes). It is not enough to quietly support this movement; we want you to look at the sources below and educate yourself about why Black Lives Matter and why it’s necessary to ensure this message is heard. Then, make it your mission to ensure people hear it. –  A performance by the rapper Dave highlighting the inequality faced by black people. – A persuasive speech by a young boy filled with facts about black injustice. – An American news story about the history of Black Lives Matter (This video contains some mature content). - BBC news report containing lots of statistics showing the reality of black injustice. - A Newsround report explaining what happened to George Floyd and what has happened since his death. - A news report showing the Black Lives Matter protest at St Georges Hall in Liverpool this week.


The first document below contains links to lots of audio books that contain black characters (as shockingly lots of stories don’t have any black characters at all!).  There are some you will enjoy listening to and some you might want to share with a younger sibling (if you have one!) – but it’s important that we show our support for books which represent the diverse range of people that live together on Earth!

The second document below is a list of books you could read if you wanted to learn more about anti-racist activism. There are lots of brilliant books on this list and I’d really recommend you try to get your hands on at least one! - here’s the link to Read Liverpool if you wanted access to some books in order to educate yourself even more!


Week Beginning 1st June 2020


Hi everyone,

I hope you are all looking after yourselves and I also hope that you did a few things differently this past week to make it feel a bit more like mid-term.  Today, I will be uploading two weeks worth of tasks as we (the staff) will be working in school over the next two weeks to figure out how we are going to more effectively deliver lessons in the future - amongst other things. Obviously, if you need any support or even just a chat, give me a shout! :) 


Sending my best wishes to you all!


Mr Hall :)




Task 1 - Mathematics

Lesson 1: Long division and long multiplication number sentences.

Lesson 2: Long division and long multiplication word problems.


Task 2 - Grammar 

This will consist of three semi-colon activities - check them out and don't feel like you need to do all your activities in one sitting.  I have explained exactly what a semi-colon is on the word document but once again you do not need to print it off. answer it anywhere you want.


 Task 3 - Writing 

Over the past few weeks, we have completed multiple grammatical tasks based on direct speech, description and this week's activity, using semi-colons.  I would like you to do a piece of creative writing that includes these grammatical features.  Why not try writing your own legend or myth.  Check out some myths and legends on this website they're read for you and will give you some ideas. 

My favourite myth is Theseus and the minotaur, check it out here: it is a very creative imagining of the myth in a 20 minute cartoon. 

Here is also something you might want to try with your own legend or myth.  A lego movie:

In your Myth or Legend you will need a hero and also a villain (maybe an evil monster)  you will also probably want to include a village or town that needs saved.  Think about where you want your story to be based, who your characters are going to be and how the story is going to start and end.  Best of luck and I would love to read your finished stories!


Task 4 - Reading : Continue to read a book from your house.  If you need any suggestions for online books or eBooks, let me know.

Have a go at the two comprehensions I have attached below: Fire Girl and My Mind.  You do not need to print anything out just read the text and answer the questions wherever you want but do also feel free to print them out if you can.


Task 5 - Online apps: keep using Times Tables Rock Star and the Spelling shed; I have all log ins if you need them.


Task 6 - Inclusive Curriculum : Seeing as you will have two weeks to do this work, I think it would be a good opportunity to have a go at a project.  As always you can do this on a computer or on paper, if you are able to, you should make a book art book.  

Seeing as we have all spend so long in and around our wonderful city of Liverpool, I thought it would be a really good opportunity to appreciate something fantastic to do with Liverpool or maybe investigate a piece of history involving Liverpool.  It could also be a geographical feature of the local area, like the river or a nearby national park.

For a completed project, I think these three things would be wonderful:  

1. A piece of writing with information about what you picked, why you picked it, why you think it is important and explain the information that you have found out about that chosen subject/thing.

2. A model based on something you have researched - it can be made out of anything: paper, cardboard, sellotape, paper mache - anything.

3.  A sketch or a painting of your chosen subject/thing.  Get artsy and practise your sketching and painting.  Do multiple pieces of art if you want, maybe collate a variety of ideas.


Possible projects to do with Liverpool:

-The Beatles and their songs,

-Football in Liverpool (focus on one club or all clubs),

-Other Merseyside bands,

-The Titanic and Liverpool's involvement,

-The Albert Dock,

-Liverpool's relationship with the Slave Trade,

-Ken Dodd

-The Liverpool Cathedrals,

-Celebrities from Liverpool,


-You can literally pick anything, be creative.


I would really enjoy seeing anything at all to do with your projects and just remember, it is about having fun and enjoying your learning.  

What are Year 6 getting up to during the temporary school closure?

Mrs Cartwright's Crafternoons - discover a new artist every week!

Tasks for Week Beginning 25th May 2020

Hi all,

As always, I hope you are all keeping well and looking after yourselves.  Shout out to Maggie who realised I did not upload work until Monday night last week: the shame!  I have decided it to upload it on Sunday this week - just for Maggie! I could be wrong but I think it should be mid-term this week so I have tried to incorporate that in some of the tasks.  Therefore make sure you do something a little bit different this week.  If you don't spend very much time outside these days, then make sure you get into the garden or if you have not watched a film in a while, then make time to watch one; maybe even make someone at home breakfast this week. Do something a little bit different - I am going to practise my guitar more than I have been.


Also, just on a little side note, do not feel like you need to print anything out on the website.  I always try to give tasks that can be done on any paper or even on a whiteboard if you have one.  It is just about having a go.


Hope you are well,


Mr Hall :)




Task 1 - Mathematics: I have attached some Power Maths pages to practise your skills.  They involving adding and subtracting.  You can answer them on a page - you do not need to print them out if you do not want to.


Task 2 - Writing: Some creative poetry - I have attached a word document with the example of a type of poem you might write, however, if you know another type of poem and want to write using that then please do! :)


Write a poem about lots of different things that you love.  Check out my example in the document below.
It is a strange time in the world at the moment but it will get back to normal so it is really important that we remember all those things that we love so we can look forward to doing them again when it is safe.  We can maybe even do some of them during our “mid-term.”


Task 3 - Reading : Continue to read a book from your house.  If you need any suggestions for online books or eBooks, let me know.


Task 4 - Online apps: keep using Times Tables Rock Star and the Spelling shed; I have all log ins if you need them.


Task 5 - Inclusive Curriculum : The Sustainable Development Goals are a collection of 17 global goals designed to be a, "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all,"  If they are achieved or if the world works towards them, it should make the world a better place.  I would like you to explore the Sustainable Development Goals, watch this lesson with our very own Knotty Ash favourite, Emma Watson   

After watching that, you can follow this link to explore the goals


Pick 5 goals that you think are very important and make a poster based on these goals.  You can include some information about what the Goal means and draw a picture to represent that goal.


Good luck and enjoy the tasks.  Have a good week and remember to do something fun every day to try and celebrate mid-term.



Hello all,

I hope you are still doing very well.  Here are your tasks for this week!  As always, if there are any problems, just give me a shout. 


Mr Hall :)

P.s. I would love to see anything that you are proud off on twitter or email! :)



Task 1 - Mathematics: More problems relating to time and clocks - so very useful.  The worksheet is attached below.  Try practising reading a 24 hour clock and understanding how to read times in 24 hour clock.


Task 2 - Grammar: Modal Verbs worksheet.  Explore a variety of Modal Verbs (They tell us the possibility of something happening.)


Task 3 - Writing: I have been inspired by Joe Bates and his comic strip entitled, The Unlucky Man - check it out in our Year 6 pictures below.  Create your own comic strip on an A4 page. It can be about anything.  Maybe use characters from a story you like e.g. Harry Potter or Avengers.  Remember to think about who is going to be in your story, what is going to happen in your comic and where it is going to be.  Think of a start, middle and an end before you begin.  In a comic strip, you can annotate each picture and also use character's speech bubbles.  I would love to see them and put them on the website if you finish them.


Task 4 - Reading : Continue to read a book from your house.  If you need any suggestions for online books or eBooks, let me know.


Task 5 - Online apps: keep using Times Tables Rock Star and the Spelling shed; I have all log ins if you need them.


Task 6 - Inclusive Curriculum: After researching Greta Thunberg last week, it could now be a really good opportunity to explore how we can protect our planet and how we can look after the environment.  It would be great if you could do a small project on this.  You might want to make a book art book, a poster, a power-point or a video presentation of your chosen topic.  

You could explore sustainable energy/renewable energy - find out what it is, different ways of producing sustainable energy like wind turbines or solar panels and draw a picture of different types of sustainable energy sources.  National Geographic - renewable energy


You might also want to explore climate change, what causes climate change and what the effects of climate change are.

Then you might want to look at how we can combat climate change in our local communities.  Look at reduce, reuse and recycle, as well as, fossil fuels and renewable energy.


It is a really important topic and you can present your ideas in anyway that you want.


Enjoy the work and, as always, make sure you do something that makes you smile every day!


All the best,


Mr Hall :)


Worksheets for Week Beginning 18th May

Tasks for week beginning 11th of May 


Hello all,

I hope you are still doing very well.  Here are some tasks for this week!  As always, if there are any problems, just give me a shout. 


Mr Hall :)

P.s. I would love to see anything that you are proud off on twitter or email! :)


Task 1 - Mathematics: Questions about measurements worksheet (attached below).


Task 2 - Grammar: A worksheet on using apostrophes for contractions.  A contraction is when an apostrophe takes the place of a letter to shorten and join two words e.g.  could not = couldn't 


Task 3 - Writing: watch a movie and write me a review of it; you could also watch a series.  I would love a summary of what the movie was about - remember not to include any spoilers.  I would also love to hear several points about what you liked about the movie and several points about what you might have changed about it.  Finally, I want you to say whether you would recommend the movie or not.  Remember to use description of the characters and story, as well as, Year 6 punctuation.


Task 4 - Reading : Continue to read a book from your house.  If you need any suggestions for online books or eBooks, let me know.


Task 5 - Online apps: keep using Times Tables Rock Star and the Spelling shed; I have all log ins if you need them.


Task 6 - Inclusive Curriculum: sketch and colour a portrait of Greta Thunberg.  Around this portrait write facts about her.  Find out:  who she is, what she has done, where she is from,  why she has done it and when she has done it.  Feel free to throw in more information that you find interesting.

Here are some links to help:



Tasks for week beginning 4th May 2020:


Hello again,  I hope you are keeping well and looking after eachother.  If you ever need anything, just give me or anyone at the school a shout.  Remember to check out the twitter, it's Deaf Awareness week this week and I am sure there will be some super challenges!

It's important that you access Times tables Rock Stars, the Spelling Shed and read some a of a book weekly as these will help keep your basic skills coming along.  If you need any of the log ins for these please do let me know.  However, the most important thing is that you keep busy and happy!


Thanks again and have a great week!


Mr Hall :) 


P.S.  if you haven't already, check out the challenges from previous weeks!


Task 1 - Maths : Learn to tell the time.  Try and learn 24 hour clock too.  Then work out the time problems I have attached.

Task 2 - Grammar : Read my list and instruction for revision, then follow the question commands to collate a lots of description.


Task 3 - Writing : Use all of the descriptive techniques from the Grammar task to complete a written piece using the writing document I have uploaded - it's based on Little, Red, Riding Hood.


Task 4 - Reading : Continue to read a book from your house.  If you need any suggestions for online books or eBooks, let me know.


Task 5 - Online apps - keep using Times Tables Rock Star and the Spelling shed; I have all log ins if you need them.


Task 6 - Inclusive Curriculum:  in the last term we were exploring Ideal Societies.  I would like you to think about what the perfect society (place to live) would look like.  I want you to plan a town/village/city and try to make it the perfect place for YOU to live.  it is all your opinion, therefore there is no right or wrong answer.

Here are some prompts for you to think about: what shops are there? What do the houses look like? Are there any natural features like lakes, mountains, forests or oceans etc? What do the people look like or wear? Do they have any form of transport or do they walk? What jobs do they have? What do they do for fun? Are there any animals? Are there any places to visit like zoos, theme parks or cinemas?


This is how you might do this project:

Step 1 - Make a list of all buildings/shops/natural features that would make your town perfect - think about transport and where houses and shops might be placed.

Step 2 - Make a list of what would make the people that live there perfect - would they have food, jobs, hobbies, homes, pets, families or money?

Step 3 - Think about how you want your people to live and how you want your town to be organised. Where would everything go, who would look after it?

Step 4 - Get a page and draw or paint your perfect society/town.  Think about where you want everything to go to make it perfect.

Step 5 - write a paragraph about what makes your settlement a perfect place to live.

Step 6 - Tweet it!



Tasks for week beginning 27th of April

Here are some tasks to work your way through this week.  Try and find the enjoyment in learning and, of course, if you have any questions or problems, give me a shout! :)  Feel free to keep going with the Easter Work which is further down the class page or start working away at these tasks! :)

Mr Hall

P.S. All of the worksheets should be attached just below this writing.


Task 1: Maths Worksheet based on the four functions -  attached to the class page.


Task 2: Grammar worksheet based direct speech - look at the rules poster and have a go.


Task 3: Writing challenge - write a story with direct speech, use some characters and a setting of your own choice. Check out the writing task worksheet.


Task 4:  Find time to read a book and watch a movie, then chat to someone in your house about it.


Task 5:  Keep on practising on Times Tables Rock Stars and the spelling shed.


Task 6:  Do a project based on an Ancient Society.

Choose from: The Indus Valley People,  The Ancient Sumer People, The Shang Dynasty and (my personal favourite) the Ancient Egyptians.

A project may be presented as a Book Art Book, a poster, a PowerPoint or even a video of yourself talking about what you have learned or found interesting. Try to pick out things that you find interesting like the burial process, their armies, the weapons, their art or the rulers of Ancient Egypt. You might want to creatively display information and facts and decorate them while also do a piece of art or a model - that might be what your whole project will look like. -> here is a website for some good information on Egypt 


YouTube is also great for information on Ancient Civilisations, as well as, Horrible Histories on the BBC iPlayer.


Good Luck and remember to pick something you enjoy! :)





Welcome to the class page for Year 6. 

We're hoping to create a gallery of all the lovely things you're doing while school is closed. 

Send content to

Stay safe and happy!


Hello everyone! I hope you are all well, I have seen some of you on Twitter which has been fantastic! Keep up the good work because it is giving me a good laugh! If you have not done one of Mr England’s challenges, why not try one today? Myself and Ms McCormick are really missing all of you and we cannot wait to see all your smiling faces again soon; I know Ms McCormick is very keen to get the raffle up and running again soon!

Most importantly, keep doing at least one thing a day that makes you and your family smile but also keep doing little bits of homework to keep your brain in tip top condition! The grammar, reading and maths practise books should last a little while longer so keep going with them. You may be doing one test a day in each subject or maybe one page a day from each book or maybe you might do just one page/test from one book each day.  It is about pacing yourself and doing a little bit each day.  If you find something too hard, you can always skip it and come back to it later. If you complete these booklets, please let me know and I can direct you to some new activities. As well as using these booklets to develop your skills, you should also be exploring TT Rockstars,  The Spelling Shed and a book of your choice.

The Easter Holidays have sort of begun now so I am not uploading a hefty amount of work, just some ideas to keep you busy.  Remember, if you need any help or even want to show off something that you are proud of, please do e-mail me (some of you have already and it has been great to hear from you) or tweet us! Please do Tweet us, it always puts a smile on all our faces!

Good luck with everything and I am sure we will see each other all again soon,

Mr Hall 😊



Keep doing some activities from the SATs Buster Workbooks.

Read a book daily.

If you cannot find a book then try my favourite book: The Hobbit.

It’s amazing and if you finish it then watch the movies – if you are allowed.

The Hobbit Audiobook -

The Hobbit (download the book/PDF) - 



Write a recipe for something you have cooked or you are going to cook.

Daily writing lessons with Jane Considene -



Keep doing some activities from the SATs Buster Workbooks.

Check out The Spelling Shed.



Keep doing some activities from the SATs Buster Workbooks.

Regularly use TT Rockstars



Watch some episodes of David Attenborough’s Seven Worlds, One Planet – it is utterly fabulous and very informative. 

Here is the link:

Pick an animal, country or continent from an episode and do a fact file on it.  You could do a poster or a book art booklet. Keep it fun and something you’re interested in



If you can, download Duolingo for free and begin learning a language.  They do five minute lessons – excellent!

Teach your family some British Sign Language



Use the Real PE log into explore that website and do some PE.  Here’s the Information for that:

Real PE sessions website:

Parent email/username:

Password: knottyashp


Daily keep fit session with Joe Wicks:



David Attenborough’s Seven Worlds, One Planet  (see the science task).


Art and DT:

Mrs Cartwright's Crafternoons (see the PPT below).

Sketch or paint something – I had a go at painting my shed this week.

Cook something and write the recipe -  maybe make something using the chocolate from your easter eggs. You can also do another recipe.

Easter tasks (decorate eggs, Easter baskets, Easter bonnets, chicks, chocolate nests!).



Other Ideas:

If you come up with any other ideas, please let me know and I can add them to this.

-Hoover your house

-Help make dinner

-Create an Easter Egg Hunt map for your house and garden.


Activity Ideas

Maths ideas