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Happy New Year to all! I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing break. 


This half term we will be starting with a Winter theme. We will be talking and looking into what winter is all about. We will be looking at the Gruffalo's child and talk about the winter setting. We will also find out about the polar regions and what animals live there. Please find below some activities you can be doing if you are stuck in isolation at home. There is also the usual phonics and maths resources below too. 


Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and please share any home learning via Seesaw. 


Mrs Bridson

Finding Facts


Together with your child, have a look at a selection of fiction (stories) and non-fiction (fact) books or go online and show your child the difference between reading stories and finding out facts about thing. Show a map of the world and explain where the polar regions are (North and South - Arctic and Antarctica). Let your child decide on whether they would like to find out facts about a penguin or a polar bear. Using the picture example below, create your own fact picture/sheet with your child. 

Home learning - 07.12.20


Hi all, 


I hope you are all doing well and well and truly on the countdown to Christmas now, I know we are in school blush


Over the next 2 weeks we will be doing lots of recapping of phonics and doing a phonics check to see how well the children are getting on with their phonic knowledge so I have attached some nice Christmasy phonics activities for you to have fun with at home. I have also put some tricky word games up too. 


In Maths, we have started 1 less so have put some 1 more 1 less activities below and general number practice. There will also be activities on Seesaw for you to complete. If you haven't managed to do any of the activities on Seesaw please head over to that and have a look back through as they will all still be on there. 


As for our themed activities this week we will be writing our letters to Santa after reading the Jolly Postman (Christmas edition!) Again, I will attach some nice ideas of things to do at home and please send anything in via seesaw to share with us in school. 


Please don't hesitate to get in contact if there is anything you need. 


Take care, Mrs Bridson smiley

Home learning - 30.11.20


Hi all, 


Hope you are all well and looking forward to the countdown to Christmas. 


As you will be aware from the letter that Miss C-B sent out this week, the children will now be recording a Christmas production which will be in full swing this week. Due to this, there won't be as much work on this weeks update as the children will be doing lots of Christmas singing and practice for the video. 


For phonics, please could you go back to the beginning and recap through all the sounds, working on blending small CVC words such as mat, tap, pot etc. I have put some more blending words below for your child to have a go at reading. If your child feels confident, they could even have a go at spelling some of these words. Please also continue to practise the tricky words. This can be simple games or getting them to read and spell them. 


For Maths, we will be focusing on one less within 5 using a number story. Last week we did one more using a number story, for example, First there was 3, then 1 more came along, now there are 4. We repeated this for all numbers to 5. We will be doing the same this week but with 1 less. If you log onto Seesaw you will be able to access the activity set up for 1 more and I will put up the 1 less activity at the end of the week. Below I have attached a sheet for you to practice 1 more and 1 less with your child. You could cut each 5 frame out and ask your child to tell you the number story. Some may need more support with this so feel free to use practical objects you have around the home. 


As for other activities, we will be doing lots of Christmas crafts and learning all about the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. I have attached below some ideas and craft you could be doing at home. 


Please share anything you do at home on Seesaw and if there is anything else you need, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Mrs Bridson blush

Home learning - 23.11.20


This week Reception will be starting their Christmas celebrations. I know this seems early but we are making sure we are prepared with our Christmas performance (recording) for parents. We will be discussing different celebrations and how different cultures celebrate this time of year. We will be making lots of Christmas decorations and playing in our role play 'Post Office', pretending to send Christmas cards and letters to Santa. 


We will be learning the new sounds 'e' and 'u' in Phonics and one more and one less within 5 for Maths. 


All resources are below but as always, if you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact me. Feel free to share all you're doing at home on Seesaw too, it is always a pleasure to see them learning at home. 


Mrs B blush


Home learning - 16.11.20


Hi all, 


I hope for those having to isolate, that you are keeping safe and well. 


Over the next two weeks we will be learning and exploring all about People Who Help Us. We will begin with looking at rules and how they keep us safe, starting with our school Golden Rules. I have attached these for you to look at and discuss with your child. We are also going to create our own class charter so perhaps, together with your child, you could come up with some rules they think would be good for our classroom. 


I have attached some activities for you to do at home linked to our topic along with phonics and maths.


Don't forget to upload any work onto Seesaw to share with me, it's always lovely to see what they're doing at home.


If there is anything you need, please don't hesitate to contact me. 


Mrs B blush

Home Learning - 09/11/20


This week, Reception will be learning all about Diwali. This includes, what Diwali is (Festival of lights), why Hindu's celebrate this time of year, what they do to celebrate and lots of extra activities. 


Please find below, lots of suggested activities you could try and home with your child, along with their Phonics and Maths. 


I will also be uploading activities to Seesaw for your child to try. Please feel free to send me any pictures on Seesaw of your child exploring Diwali at home. 


I hope all isolating families are keeping well and if you need anything, please don't hesitate to contact me. 


Mrs B blush

Home learning - 02/11/2020


Hi all, 


I hope you have managed to have a well deserved break and are all safe and well. 


Please find below activities linked to this weeks work in school. I am aware some of you are isolating so this will keep your child in the loop with what we are doing in class this week. I will also be adding activities on Seesaw so don't forget to keep checking there too. 


Feel free to take pictures or send me a message on Seesaw to let me know how your child has got on this week with any work and if you need any help with anything, please don't hesitate to contact me. 


Take care, 

Mrs Bridson blush


Can your child draw me a picture about something they enjoyed doing over the half term? They could even have a go at writing a few words or a sentence.

Some craft activities for you to try at home

Home learning - 19.10.20


Hi all, 


Hope you are staying well and safe. 


This week, we will be doing lots more autumn activities but also lots of Halloween fun. Attached below is the phonics and Maths activities for the week along with lots of fun ideas for you to try at home. 


Don't forget you can contact me through Seesaw and keep a look out for activities on there too. 


Mrs B blush

'm' sound, read, write & draw and word blending cards to practise sounding out and blending

Fun Halloween ideas

Home learning - 12.10.20


This week we will be looking at Autumn. I have attached some Autumn spotting sheets which you could do from your window or back garden if you can get outside. You could collect some leaves and autumnal objects and send me some pictures via Seesaw. In school we will be reading the story Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert and creating our own leaf people/animal/character using real leaves. You can find the story Leaf Man on Youtube and could watch the story and create your own Leaf Man or characters using real leaves too. 


Feel free to send me any work your child is accessing at home or if you have any issues, please just send me a message. 


Stay safe.


Mrs B blush

Welcome to Knotty Ash EYFS September 2020


Hello to all my Reception families,


Apologies for this update not coming sooner, we have been busy behind the scenes trying to get everything ready for your children joining us or returning in a few weeks. This is a little 'Welcome to EYFS' message to introduce myself and give you some more information you may require for your little ones returning or joining us in September.


You should have by now, received an email invite from Seesaw, our online communication, learning and assessment tool, asking you to connect to your child’s journal. If you haven’t, or are struggling getting set up, then please email our office at and we will do our best to get you up and running.


Seesaw is not only a communication platform but an electronic assessment tool that will be used daily in school to record and share observations of your child with you. This is a lovely way to discuss with your child what they may have been up to that day and also provide 'next steps' for further support at home. This platform not only allows you to interact with school and see what your child is up to regularly but to also share what you and your child are up to at home. We may also set work for your child to do at home which means you need to make sure you have the 'Seesaw Class' app as well as the ‘Seesaw Family’ app. I will send out your child's log in codes once you have the Family app set up.


A ‘Welcome’ video which includes essential information regarding your child starting in September, is available for you to watch via the link below. It is important you view this video to ensure your child is prepared for their start in September. If you have any queries or questions after the video then please do not hesitate to contact me via Seesaw. I will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as I can however, if it is urgent or you wish to discuss any issues in more detail then we ask that you use the usual contact –


Please also find below, a form regarding your situation during lockdown. We would appreciate if you could fill this in and bring it with them in September, as it will help with your child's transition to school. There is also an 'All about me' page for your child to do and bring on their first day. This will also be on Seesaw for the children to create or if it is more suitable, feel free to print out or maybe even let your child draw their response. You will also find a parent's guide to EYFS and our long term plan for you to see what your child will be up to throughout the year. All this information will be in more detail on the video.


We’re really excited and looking forward to meeting and welcoming the children soon and being able to share their learning journey with you.


Mrs Bridson

Update for Reception intake - September 2020


Welcome to all our new and returning Reception families.


This is your class page and where you will find any new updates and information throughout the summer before receiving your Seesaw log in details. For those that aren't family with Seesaw, it is a home and school communication tool and great for keeping up to date with your child's learning journey throughout the school year. Details on this will be sent out over the coming weeks so please don't worry, we will help you set everything up before your child returns in September. 


Please watch the link below with your child to introduce them to the staff they will be with in September. 


Hope you have a wonderful summer and we'll see you soon. 


EYFS Team smiley