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Year 5 2021/22

Hello to our lovely Year 5 class and their families!


If you are currently learning from home, this is where we will add our links and activities each week. They will mirror the work we cover in school but please don’t panic! You don’t have to do everything, just enjoy doing what you can together.


Your English homework, Maths homework and spellings will still be posted on Seesaw every Monday afternoon. Below are links for times tables and reading at home:


It would be lovely if you could share your work with us through Seesaw or email at


Take care Miss Ratcliffe, Mr Gomez and Mrs Rees 😊



Y5 timetable

Curriculum Overview

Isolation Work 2022

Year 5 2020/21

Year 5 Home Learning 08/03/21


In English we are focusing on recapping the skills we had previously learnt to up-level our writing. First, I would like you to create a list of the following grammar features we include in our writing: adjectives, verbs, adverbs, similes and metaphors. Try to push yourself to think outside the box and come up with some higher-level vocabulary. If you are struggling to think of some, you could use the internet to find words and remind yourself what those grammar techniques mean. I have included a video below which teaches the difference between similes and metaphor to remind yourselves.


Once you have completed this activity, I want you to try and include some of the elements into your sentences. I will upload a worksheet of boring sentences and you have to use the grammar techniques you looked at previously to make them super sentences. Think about adding an adjective, changing the verb, including an adverb. Then to challenge yourself, try to write a paragraph using all the techniques you have learnt, also trying to include a simile or metaphor.

Similes and Metaphors | Similes and Metaphors Teaching Video |


In Maths we will be starting our new topic on multiplication and division. The main areas I would like you to focus on this week is multiples, factors and prime numbers. I have attached a link which has videos which include little activities on each of these areas of Maths. Click on the link and watch the videos and see how you get on. As always if you have any questions, please message me on Seesaw and I will be more than happy to explain further.

Inclusive Curriculum

To celebrate and encourage STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) we are having a bridge building competition. Your challenge is to create the strongest bridge possible out of only newspaper, blu-tack, sellotape and magnets. You don't have to use all of those items of course. You can test the strength of the bridge by putting something of the weight of a bag of sugar and see whether your bridge is still standing.


Another activity we are doing linked to STEM week, is to create our own lab coats. Find an old white shirt that is fairly big and decorate it using scientific language and symbols you have learnt since being at Knotty Ash.


We would love to see photos of your creations, so please post your work or Twitter or Seesaw.

Year 5 Home Learning 14/12/20


In English we are going to be looking at persuasive language and how we can use it to convince the reader. We will start off by thinking of different topics such as school, homework, teachers and parents. We will be looking at how we can use different vocabulary to help persuade our reader. Then the children will be tasked to create a poster which will include some of the persuasive techniques we have been looking at. The children can choose whichever object they would like, it could be a game or a chocolate bar. They will need to do some research to find out some facts and statistics to support their persuasive poster. Remember it needs to be eye-catching, so make sure it is bright and colourful, whether that be on a piece of paper at home or through Seesaw. I am looking forward to what you create. Below are some examples of persuasive posters you can use as a starting point.  

Persuasive Poster


In Maths this week the children will be using their understanding of the place value of numbers up to 6 digits, to partition and recombine numbers to solve number problems. The children will also estimate and accurately identify where numbers to 1,000,000 would lie on a number line. They will use their understanding of place value to help them achieve this.

Year 5 Home Learning 7/12/20


In English we are going to be writing a persuasive letter. This week we will be reminding ourselves of the different techniques we can use to persuade the reader and sentence openers to help make our argument more convincing. The children will be practising to write persuasive sentences and planning their letter to write next week. The letter we write will be to convince a profound company to think differently about how they advertise their products. Companies often promote unrealistic images which children and adults then compare themselves to. If companies were to show images of real people which were unedited, we believe as a class it would help boost people’s self-esteem and confidence. Through this letter we will be discussing the reasons we believe companies should stop editing their adverts or images which they promote. We will also spend some of our time researching to find facts and statistics to support our persuasive letter.

Persuasive Planning Template


In Maths we have been learning about number and place value. This week we will be recapping our knowledge and understand of rounding numbers up to 10,000 and Roman Numerals.

Round to the nearest 10,000, 1,000, 100 or 10

Rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000

Roman Numerals

Year 5 Home Learning 30/11/20


In English, this week we are focusing on persuasion, we will immerse ourselves with persuasive language and understand the different features included in a persuasive letter. The video below explains persuasion and the different techniques included.


During the week I will upload what we have been doing in class for you to do at home.

Features of a persuasive letter


In Maths, this week we will be continuing to focus on number and place value. We will be focusing on comparing and ordering number to 100,000, rounding numbers within 100,000 and roman numerals to 10,000.


Below is worksheet for you to complete during the week. If you have your Power Maths book you can complete the relevant lessons at home.

Year 5 Home Learning 23/11/20


In English, this week we will be writing character profiles of the characters from the book Wonder. After watching Wonder last week, you will have a deeper insight to what the characters are like. To remind yourself look at the link below which will give you a version of a character profile. You can use this to help support you to write your own. Draw on your own knowledge from reading the book/ watching the film. Remember the digital version of the book is on the previous week if you need to refer to it.


We will also be looking at parentheses. Below is a video that explains what parentheses is:

Below is a song to help you understand commas, brackets and dashes.

Through the week, I will post any worksheets or activities I do to help support learning. This is a new grammar aspect, so don’t worry if you aren’t sure, it is something we will go over when back in school.


In Maths this week we will be focusing on identifying numbers such as 10,000, 1,000, 100, 10 and 1s and comparing numbers of these amounts. The link below will have videos which will help teach you the different elements for your work this week.


I will be providing worksheets, however if you have your Power Maths book you can complete the relevant lessons.

Inclusive Curriculum

For Inclusive Curriculum, we will be focusing on body ideals and how current society over the years has proposed a certain was to look. I will attach a PowerPoint and document below to explore. Don’t forget to share your response on Seesaw.

Year 5 Home Learning 16/11/2020


In English, this week we will be looking at our new text for this term Wonder by R.J. Palacio. We will look at the front cover and blub and watch the video below to try and predict what we think we happen in the story from what we know so far. This activity will be very discussion based. Remember there is no wrong answer, you are using your inference skill of what you have read and what you already know to predict what you think might happen.

Book Cover and Blurb

Wonder book trailer - R.J. Palacio (UK version)

Wonder Prediction sheet

During the week we will read the story Wonder. I have attached a link below of an electronic version of the book for you to read at home. Once you have read up to the section were Auggie has had his first day at school, I would like you to plan to write a diary entry. In this diary entry you need to talk about how August is feeling and describe the different events that have happened during the day to make him feel the way he did. The diary entry is going to be around his first day at school. Start to think about how he feels before going to bed, in the morning on the way to school, during the school day and after school. You could do a spider web of the different times of the day and write the emotions and events which happened before you start writing. You can plan it in whichever way you feel best, but you need to remember to cover different points of the day and draw on August’s emotions. Once you have done this you can go on to writing your diary entry. You will be writing this as if you are August, so the diary entry needs to be written in first person. Key features of a diary entry are for it to be written in past tense, use emotive language, to include paragraphs and to try to use time conjunctions to link events. Any worksheets I use for this lesson, I will upload during the week to help.


This link below explains how to correctly organise your work into paragraphs and activities links to this:

Wonder by R.J. Palacio


In Maths we will be starting our new topic on number and place value. This week we will be focusing on numbers to 10,000. We will be reading, writing and comparing numbers up to 10,000 and rounding numbers up to 1,000. Below is a link on how to partition numbers to 10,000, the link explains how to do it and gives fun interactive activities for you to complete to practise this skill.


The link below explains how to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000, which also includes activities to practise.


During the week, I will attach any worksheets we use to help aid learning at home.

Year 5 Home Learning 19/10/20


In English we are focusing on using personification to engage the reader. This term we have focused a lot on writing descriptions and different techniques we can use to improve our writing. Below are links that explain what personification is and activities you can do. I will also post worksheets throughout the week.


What is personification:


Exploring personification:


In Maths we will be learning about different types of triangles, symmetry and position and direction in geometry. You might like to go on a hunt around your home finding lines of symmetry in objects you have around the house. Below I have attached links which will help assist with any worksheets posted.


Types of triangles:




Transform a shape:


Directions and turns:

Triangle Song | Types of Triangles Song | Classifying Triangles

Inclusive Curriculum

For Inclusive Curriculum, this week we will be looking at the effects the play had on Macbeth’s mental health. From this we will discuss how it is different from what it was like when Shakespeare wrote the play with what help people can get. Now there are different resources and support out to help people who are struggling. We will investigate strategies we can use to help us when we are feeling down and where we can go in school to help us feel better about ourselves. It might be a nice idea as a family to all write something positive down about another family member and you each read them out deciding who it is about. This is something we will be doing in class this week and it will help to remind us of the positives others see in us which we sometimes forget.

Year 5 Home Learning 12/10/20


In English, we will be acting out a scene in Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. You might like to perform it to your family or get them involved and upload your performance on to Seesaw. Seeing as you may be by yourself, then pick a soliloquy (when one character is speaking about their thoughts in one long speech) and watch the globe performance on YouTube.  Finally, have a go at acting out the soliloquy by copying the expression and acting used by the performers in the Macbeth Globe performance.


We will spend the rest of our week writing our own play, taking inspiration from Shakespeare. Have a go and post it on Seesaw.


Here's the link to the Globe performance:


Below is a link of an actor telling us how she prepared for her role in a famous Shakespeare play:

Shakespeare play to explore:


In Maths we will be moving on to geometry, focusing on angles and identifying different 2D shapes.


What is an angle?

What is an angle? | Oxford Owl

Learn all about acute, obtuse, and reflex angles in this short animation.

Inclusive Curriculum

In Inclusive Curriculum this week we will be look at the world of work that goes into the theatre. You might like to do some research on the different job roles that are included to ensure a performance happens. You could create a job description or a poster including the key facts about certain job roles.


This link shows videos of different theatre job roles for you to investigate:

Year 5 Home Learning 5/10/20


In English, this week we are focusing on using fronted adverbials in our writing. We will be exploring the different types of fronted adverbials and practising using them in individual sentences and progressing on to using them in a piece of writing. The link below explains what a fronted adverbial is:


In this link there are activities which show you how to use fronted adverbials correctly:



What are fronted adverbials?

Learn how and when to use adverbials for time, place or manner.


In Maths this week we are going to be looking at charts and graphs. Below are some links to activities explaining different charts and graphs. I will post worksheet through the week to help support any learning.


Interpreting bar chart


Creating and understanding charts


Line graphs


Year 5 Home Learning 28/09/20


In English, this week we are focusing on using prepositions in our writing, adding detail and description. Below are different activities you can do to remind yourself of how to use prepositions in your sentences.


In English, this week we are going to write a character description about Macbeth. Below is a link which gives you ideas to help with how to write a character description. It tells you what you should include in a character description and gives you examples and activities to help prepare you. They use the example of writing a character description of Matilda, it is up to you whether you choose to do yours about Matilda or Macbeth. You might wish to challenge yourself and do both! In the Inclusive Curriculum part of this page there will be a link to the story of Macbeth. You could use this to help you with your description.


There is also a link below about settings and how we identify a setting. After completing your character description, you may wish to do a setting description of the scene where the witches are on the heath. We will be doing this at the end of the week also.


Any worksheets we do in class will be uploaded below to help support your home learning.


In Maths we have been learning about decimals and money. This week I would like you to use what you have learnt about decimals to complete the activity below, to recap what we have already learnt. I will attach money worksheets which we will be doing in class this week for you to complete also.


Below is a video to recap what we have already learnt about decimals.

Recognise tenths and hundredths | Decimals |

Recognise tenths and hundredths | Decimals |

In Maths this week we will be looking at converting pounds to pence and pence to pounds. Below is link with some activities for you to do to practise this skill.




How much money is in my jar? (pence)

How much money is in my jar? (pounds)

Today in Maths we covered rounding money. Below is a few worksheets on rounding money and also a link to BBC Bitesize to help you with rounding.



Inclusive Curriculum

I have attached a link below to videos of the story of Macbeth to remind yourself and recap the story. This might help you write your character description of Macbeth in English. You could use the titles of the videos as subheading to write a summary of each video clip.

Year 5 2019/20


Still image for this video
This is our challenge to you!



Hello Year 5! 


You might have noticed in the news there have been some really important protests happening all over the world. These protests started in America when a black man, called George Floyd, was killed. The people protesting want justice and they want everyone to realise that Black Lives Matter. Although this seems obvious to lots of us, it is a message that still isn’t being heard or understood by many people. At the beginning of this year you learnt about the injustice and discrimination black people have faced throughout history (think about what happened in Benin and other African countries during “the scramble for Africa”; the years of slavery; what happened to Emmet Till and many other innocent Black People; as well as the prejudice laws, opportunities, actions and attitudes). It is not enough to quietly support this movement; we want you to look at the sources below and educate yourself about why Black Lives Matter and why it’s necessary to ensure this message is heard. Then, make it your mission to ensure people hear it. –  A performance by the rapper Dave highlighting the inequality faced by black people. – A persuasive speech by a young boy filled with facts about black injustice. – An American news story about the history of Black Lives Matter (This video contains some mature content). - BBC news report containing lots of statistics showing the reality of black injustice. - A Newsround report explaining what happened to George Floyd and what has happened since his death. - A news report showing the Black Lives Matter protest at St Georges Hall in Liverpool this week.


The first document below contains links to lots of audio books that contain black characters (as shockingly lots of stories don’t have any black characters at all!).  There are some you will enjoy listening to and some you might want to share with a younger sibling (if you have one!) – but it’s important that we show our support for books which represent the diverse range of people that live together on Earth!

The second document below is a list of books you could read if you wanted to learn more about anti-racist activism. There are lots of brilliant books on this list and I’d really recommend you try to get your hands on at least one! - here’s the link to Read Liverpool if you wanted access to some books in order to educate yourself even more!



Hello Year 5!!


You all know the drill by now - i've uploaded a few more tasks for you to have a go at! Do your best, let me know if you're not sure about something and ensure you're getting a healthy dose of fun and laughter each day!


I've uploaded enough work to last 2 weeks, so the next upload will be on June 15th, but please contact me before then if there are any issues etc! I'm excited about this project so please do send me pictures/videos etc!


Shout out for this week go to Oliver C for his incredible space and bioluminescence projects (check them out below!) and to Nathan who has been working hard on his free hand drawing! 


Keep up the good work everyone! 


Mr Starkey

Additional home learning resources - Remember this is all guidance to support learning; nothing is compulsory so just do what you can!


A range of online lessons -




Reading – Reading your own book every day

            - A range of e-books, similar to the ones we have in school, are available here -

                - Listening to 'The Boy Who Made the World Disappear' via this audio book link -


Writing –  Daily writing lessons with Jane Considene -


Spelling/Grammar –  Spelling Shed


Maths  TT Rock Stars and  ‘Number of the day’ (below) every day 

                - Daily Maths investigations - (lots of you will enjoy these!)


Creative – Mrs Cartwright’s Crafternoon – focused on a different artist each week.

                - Draw with Rob Bidulph on a Tuesday and Thursday



PE – Daily keep fit session with Joe wicks video

      - Use the log-in details to access REAL PE at home.


Website - 


Password -knottyashp


Tweet us @AshKnotty


Year 5 rules still apply at home!



Mrs Cartwright's Crafternoons - discover a new artist every week!



Huge well done to everyone for your effort over this half-term! It's been a strange half term for everyone but Mrs Rees and I have been so impressed by how committed and dedicated you've all been! This week, your main job is to have a well deserved rest (you could also help out around the house so that grown ups can have a well deserved break too!). Take some time to do somethings you love! Maybe even try some of the things on our "things to do when you're in the house" list we made way back before lock-down - i'd love some updates of any new skills you've mastered!


ALSO... you could be a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDER! TT Rock stars are looking for the fastest TT rock star-er in the world! Check it out here -





Hello Year 5!


Again, i've uploaded some activities for you to have a go at and please let me know how you get on! I know Darcie has been SMASHING the number of the day, Amber and Ruby are busy working very hard at home, Jamie has recently got new pencils to write with and is doing brilliantly, Phoebe has basically become a professional chef! She's cooking amazing looking meals nearly every day! Carter has also been busy in the kitchen baking cookies and Ethan has designed his own basketball shirt! 


As i'm sure you've heard, Knotty Ash will not be opening on June 1st, instead it will be acting as a childcare facility for the children of Keyworkers (anyone who was eligible for the old hub!). We'll make sure to keep you updated and I can't wait until it's safe for us to have you back in school! All official school updates are posted on the Coronavirus Information page in the Key Information tab on the website. 


I hope you enjoy this weeks task (i'm looking forward to the English task 3!!) and as always let me know if there are any problems!


Mr Starkey


What are Year 5 getting up to during the temporary school closure?



Hello Year 5!!


It was brilliant to see some of you getting involved with Deaf Awareness Week on twitter - well done to everyone who joined in! Also, a massive thank you to everyone who sent me work/questions during the week! A particularily big well done to Holly O, who create a beautiful jelly fish aquarium as part of her under the sea project(I've add the picture of it to th gallery below!). 


This weeks project is all about sports, so hopefully lots of you will enjoy that (make it personal to you and choose a sport you enjoy - football, gynastics, motor-racing, horse riding etc!). 


Remember, the main things to focus on are using  TT Rock stars and Spelling Shed, completing the 'Number of the Day' and SPAG spotter, reading a book you like and enjoying yourself every day


As always, if you need help, or you're not sure how to do something, or you just fancy a chat feel free to send a e-mail to the school email address and i'll get back to you!




Hello again Year 5! I loved seeing your communication posters and reading your fantastic letters last week. A huge thank you to everyone who sent things over for me to see! I've attached some new activities for you to have a go at below! Also, this week is Deaf Awareness Week (one of my favourite weeks!) so make sure to have a look at the school's twitter page (@ashknotty) to see how you can get involved in celebrating that!


Remember, the main things to focus on are using  TT Rock stars and Spelling Shed, completing the 'Number of the Day' sheet and SPAG spotter, reading a book you like and enjoying yourself every day. Also, don't forget to have a look at the "Activity Ideas" at the very bottom of this page which includes things I think you'll enjoy doing!


If you need help, or you're not sure how to do something, or you just fancy a chat feel free to send a e-mail to the school email address and i'll get back to you!


Mr Starkey




 Hello again Year 5, I was so glad to hear how brilliant you are all being at home - please keep this up! I know it's not easy, but i'm so impressed by your attitudes! I've attached some more work so you can continue to keep learning at home this week and, as always, please e-mail me if you need any support. 


Remember, the main things to focus on are using  TT Rock stars and Spelling Shed, completing the 'Number of the Day' sheet and reading your own book and enjoying yourself every day. You should complete the English and Maths tasks as often as possible. Also, don't forget to have a look at the "Activity Ideas" at the very bottom of this page which includes things I think you'll enjoy doing!


Hello Year 5!!

Mrs Rees and I are missing you all an awful lot and we’re glad so many of you have been keeping in touch on twitter! I will be uploading a few things on to our class page so you can keep learning at home. If some of it is too tricky have a look a the other year group pages or if you want a challenge try Year 6’s page! I wish I was there to help you with this work but in the meantime just do what you can – as long as you’re trying your best then you know Mrs Rees and I will be proud of you!


I’ve attached links below to a lots of different things you can do at home to keep learning. The main things to focus on are using  TT Rock stars and Spelling Shed, completing the 'Number of the Day' sheet and reading your own book every day. You should complete the English and Maths tasks as often as possible. I've included links to resources for other subjects that you can explore as well as some things to help you relax. I've also created a list of life skills (very bottom of this page) that I want you to master before we're all reunited!


Remember I am still here to support you as much as I was before (but instead of putting up your hand you need to get an adult to send an e-mail - which is a bit more complicated but i'll still help you all the same!)


Please e-mail tweet me photos/updates of how you're getting on; I really enjoy seeing what you've been getting up to!

Welcome to the class page for Year 5. 

We're hoping to create a gallery of all the lovely things you're doing while school is closed. 

Send content to

Stay safe and happy

Activity Ideas

Scouts - The Great Indoors - activities to do at home -

Science – Record or photograph your space project (homework set previously) and send it either via twitter (to @ashknotty) or email (to 

          - Explore the solar system on this website (it's really cool!)


Geography - Complete this online quiz to help you learn the continents/oceans of the world. (The perfect revision tool for Mrs Rees' quiz once we're back in school!)

Life Skills


By the time we get back I want you all to be able to do the following things -


Tie your shoelaces

Tie a tie

Do and undo your own top button

Tell the time (on both an analogue and a digital clock)


This is the perfect time to practice these life skills! You could also practice (or even teach someone in your house) your massage, mindfulness and BSL skills!