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Learning at Home Autumn 2020




Share a range of stories and rhymes with your child to promote listening and understanding skills.

When sharing these stories ask your child about characters and scenes, as well as encouraging them to make predictions about what might happen next. 


Allow your child to have plenty of opportunity to practise writing and mark making. Encourage your child to develop writing skills through drawing, colouring and painting.


Literacy Resources

Jolly Phonics Songs are a great way to encourage your child to learn and recall specific letter sounds through songs and actions. You can access them via YouTube

We follow this phonics scheme in school.

Geraldine the Giraffe is an enjoyable way to learn phonics.

 Geraldine is given a specific phoneme (letter sound) and is asked to find objects around the house containing the phoneme. This is also a good activity to try at home. You can access this via YouTube breakthruchris. You can also search for a specific sound your child is currently learning, by typing Geraldine the Giraffe s into YouTube.

Alphablocks is great to to support your child as they begin blending sounds and can be accessed via Cbeebies iPlayer or YouTube channel/UC_qs3c0ehDvZkbiEbOj6Drg.




Communication and Language

Understanding: Encourage your child to follow simple instructions correctly. Ask your child questions and encourage them to respond appropriately. Support your child in developing an  understanding of positional language e.g. under, on top, behind etc. To support this, why not try asking your child to place an object in a specific position e.g. Put the dog inside the box.

Speaking: TALK, TALK, TALK. The best way to develop your child’s speech is to talk and encourage your child to express their own thoughts and ideas. Sing familiar songs and rhymes with your child. Engage in role play scenarios with your child and encourage lots of talk. Model talking and encourage your child to change roles. Try introducing new

vocabulary to your child during play. Talk about how objects feel e.g. soft feather, rough brick, smooth ball etc.

Listening: Encourage focus and develop attention. Make sure your child is focussed and making eye contact when being spoken to. When outside, ask your child if they can recognise any familiar sounds, e.g. cars on the road, birds in the trees etc.


Number Recognition

Encourage your child to look at numbers that they see around them . 

Play dice games and number bingo games up to 10.


encourage independent counting. when your child is counting toys or steps make sure they only count items as the move or point to them.


Numeracy Resources


Numbersongs on CBeebies iPlayer are a fun way to help with number recognition and counting.


Numberblocks is a great, age appropriate television series that supports the learning of individual numbers and counting, . You can access this via CBeebies iPlayer numberblocks-series-1-one or YouTube UCPlwvN0w4qFSP1FllALB92w. Focus on episodes 1 (One), 2 (Another One) and 3 (Two)to develop your child’s development of the oneness of one and twoness of two concepts.


Numberjacks is a great age appropriate problem solving television series that supports children’s learning of numbers. The number characters are shaped as their numeral form and have to work together to solve number related problems. You can access this series via YouTube


November 2020

Week beginning 3 rd November


Read an autumn story and retell the story in your own words and draw a picture .

Choose from one of the 3 stories below.

post it on your seesaw page for us to see.


The Enormous Turnip (Retold by Irene Yates)

To buy the book: This book is part of Ladybirds First Favourite Tales series - these retellings are perfect for introducing young chi...

Dad Reads A Book - That's Not My Hedgehog

Story time books read and reviewed by Dad. Dad reading "That's Not My Hedgehog" by Usborne Touchy-Feely Books



Autumn Activities



Welcome to the class page for Nursery. 

We're hoping to create a gallery of all the lovely things you're doing while school is closed. 

Send content to

Stay safe and happy!

Week beginning 9th November





2D Shapes


"Shapes Songs Collection Vol. 1" - 35 Mins of Baby, Toddler, Kindergarten Kids Learning Videos

It's 35 Minutes of Catchy Melodies to Teach Children Shapes, Colors & Counting. Get Kiddies Singing and Learning with this Instant Kids Classic. The Core Voc...

Shapes | Shapes learning for kids

Elmo Song - Five Crayons in a Box: Teach kids about shapes, video specially for kids, toddlers and preschoolers. ▶ Please subscr...

Week beginning 16 th November



How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers

A young boy has a dream of catching a star and tries many different ways to get one.

How would you catch a star ?

Draw a picture and ask someone in your family to help you write about your favourite way to catch a star.

Post it on SeeSaw


Sort some household objects in to shiny and non shiny objects.

Post the photos on Seesaw.



Repeating Patterns

Use household objects to make simple patterns eg fruit banana apple banana apple etc

or toys- book teddy book teddy book etc'

Take photos and upload to Seesaw. 



People who help us


  • Discuss the pictures with someone in your family.
  • Who is it ?
  • What job do they do ?
  • Draw a picture of your favourite and ask an adult to help you write a sentence about what they do.
  • Post it on Seesaw.

Week beginning 23rd November 

Nursery Rhyme Week


Wheels on the Bus + More Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs - CoComelon

Our first baby songs compilation! Over 60 minutes of nursery rhymes videos, including the "Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round" children's song. Subscribe f...

30 minute medley | Early Years - Nursery Rhymes | BBC Teach

Suitable for teaching 0-5s. A medley of some of the best-known British nursery songs and rhymes, animated and subtitled. Many are sung by BBC Children's TV p...



Week beginning 30th November 

Elf on the shelf

Welcome to our Elf ( if you have one at home)


  1. Write a letter to Santa to tell him what the elf has been doing.
  2. Draw a picture of what the elf has been doing. 
  3. Send photos to Seesaw of your elf at home.



Elf on the Shelf

The First Christmas

Maths- Counting to five and matching amounts



sounds we are learning s- a -t


Week beginning 7th December 2020





Welcome to Knotty Ash EYFS September 2020


Hello to all my Nursery families,


Apologies for this update not coming sooner, we have been busy behind the scenes trying to get everything ready for your children joining us or returning in a few weeks. This is a little 'Welcome to EYFS' message to introduce ourselves and give you some more information you may require for your little ones returning or joining us in September.


You should have by now, received an email invite from Seesaw, our online communication, learning and assessment tool, asking you to connect to your child’s journal. If you haven’t, or are struggling getting set up, then please email our office at and we will do our best to get you up and running.


Seesaw is not only a communication platform but an electronic assessment tool that will be used daily in school to record and share observations of your child with you. This is a lovely way to discuss with your child what they may have been up to that day and also provide 'next steps' for further support at home. This platform not only allows you to interact with school and see what your child is up to regularly but to also share what you and your child are up to at home. We may also set work for your child to do at home which means you need to make sure you have the 'Seesaw Class' app as well as the ‘Seesaw Family’ app. I will send out your child's log in codes once you have the Family app set up.


A ‘Welcome’ video which includes essential information regarding your child starting in September, is available for you to watch via the link below. It is important you view this video to ensure your child is prepared for their start in September. If you have any queries or questions after the video then please do not hesitate to contact me via Seesaw. I will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as I can however, if it is urgent or you wish to discuss any issues in more detail then we ask that you use the usual contact –


Please also find below, a form regarding your situation during lockdown. We would appreciate if you could fill this in and bring it with them in September, as it will help with your child's transition to school. There is also an 'All about me' page for your child to do and bring on their first day. This will also be on Seesaw for the children to create or if it is more suitable, feel free to print out or maybe even let your child draw their response. You will also find a parent's guide to EYFS and our long term plan for you to see what your child will be up to throughout the year. All this information will be in more detail on the video.


We’re really excited and looking forward to meeting and welcoming the children soon and being able to share their learning journey with you.


Mrs Davies

Dates for Nursery Return

Monday 14 th  September 2020 for returning children and those who should have started during lockdown..

Thursday 17th September 2020 or Tuesday 22nd September for new starters.  You should have received your starting date from school.  if not contact school. or 

 0151 228 4222

Update for Nursery intake - September 2020


Welcome to all our new and returning Nursery families.


This is your class page and where you will find any new updates and information throughout the summer before receiving your Seesaw log in details. For those that aren't family with Seesaw, it is a home and school communication tool and great for keeping up to date with your child's learning journey throughout the school year. Details on this will be sent out over the coming weeks so please don't worry, we will help you set everything up before your child returns in September. 


Please watch the link below with your child to introduce them to the staff they will be with in September. 


Any enquiries in the meantime then please contact our school office on


Hope you have a wonderful summer and we'll see you soon. 


EYFS Team smiley

Hello Nursery Children and Parents


Our Class work has now moved to the Seesaw online learning platform; for which you should have already received an invite via email or text message. In order to access this you will need to download the Seesaw Class and Family apps from the app store, both of which are free of charge. If you have any queries please contact me on the email below.


Take care


Mrs Davies and Mrs Hughes x

The Coronavirus and our feelings

Below are links to two stories, to help explain the coronavirus to young children and help us to understand our emotions at this time. 
I really like they way 'Lucy's in Lockdown' uses colours to help describe our feelings.

What are Nursery getting up to during the temporary school closure?