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Knotty Ash Inclusive Curriculum


At Knotty Ash Primary School, we have developed our own personalised curriculum, designed to respond to the unique nature of our school.  The Inclusive Curriculum is designed to maximise the potential for collaboration:

  • between children in undertaking collaborative experiential learning, investigations, research and discovery;
  • between staff in collaborative planning and delivery of subjects through stimulating and meaningful activities.


Being a one-form entry school and having an integrated Deaf Resource Base, the need for collaborative approaches to the curriculum is paramount to ensure the best quality teaching and learning for our children.


The Inclusive Curriculum is organised into 3 broad areas:


  • Science and Discovery
  • Communities and Diversity
  • Culture and Creativity


English and Maths continue to be taught through discrete lessons, although cross-curricular links are integral to the Inclusive Curriculum.  The skills of Reading are taught through texts relating to the Inclusive Curriculum.  The skills of writing are applied in Inclusive Curriculum writing tasks.  These opportunities are specifically planned for in long-term curriculum maps.  Links with Maths, where relevant are made explicitly in order to highlight practical and real-life applications of the subject.


Classes work together in Key Stage Teams to jointly follow the Inclusive Curriculum in paired year-groups.  Hence, Year 5 and 6, for instance, explore the same Inclusive Curriculum topics on a two-year alternating basis.  This enables class collaboration while also ensuring thorough coverage of the National Curriculum across the school.  Across year-groups and within each class, teachers differentiate input and expectation in order to adequately challenge every child to reach their full potential while providing support to those who need it. 


Below, you can open a diagram of the Inclusive Curriculum and sample long-term planning for Year 6 (further year-groups to follow).

Knotty Ash Inclusive Curriculum

Knotty Ash Inclusive Curriculum 1

Example Long-Term Planning